Q-NET satellite network performance enhancement

August 29, 2017

A significant performance enhancement has been made to the Q-NET™ satellite network platform (which is our scalable satellite communications system supporting highly-efficient bandwidth technology and sophisticated carrier and traffic management. It supports all types of network including star, full/partial mesh, point-to-point and hybrids).


The Q-NET™ hardware has always allowed the network to scale to any size in terms of the number of remotes that are supported but the software to date has been restricted to addressing up to 64 remotes per shared outbound carrier. This restriction has recently been removed and Q-NET™ now supports up to 128 remote modems per shared outbound carrier. The hub traffic shaping function has been extended to support 128 VLAN classes, giving precise allocation of outbound bandwidth to each remote. The hub IP packet handling capability has been enhanced to ensure IP packet processing at the highest data rates does not become a bottleneck. Support for packet processing at the remote modems has also been extended to ensure they can handle the highest packet rates. With these changes in place, Paradise has successfully demonstrated a star network with a 200Mbps outbound carrier being shared amongst 128 remote modems, including the correct processing of all 128 inbound carriers (associated with the shared outbound in question) at the hub.


Unlike any other satellite system, Q-NET™ is based on a single, highly versatile  satellite building block, namely, the Q-Flex™ modem, which provides modulator, demodulator and multi-demodulator  functions, as well as being a single-box solution for advanced IP processing requirements such as traffic shaping, TCP acceleration and ACM. The unique selling points of Q-NET™ are:


  • $100k+ of diagnostic test equipment functions as standard
  • Single building block for any type of network, giving the ultimate in flexibility, reusability and simplicity
  • Redefines the entry point for satellite users who require a small network and don’t want to be saddled with the expense and complexity of a fixed-cost hub
  • Network control application included as standard


No expensive hub; no double hops required in mesh mode; fully-functional network control application included as standard; optional advanced carrier management tool. By using the same versatile satellite components at every site, Q-NET™ is readily configurable to meet your network needs now and in the future.