Indoor Solid State Power Amplifiers

Rack Mount SSPAs

Rack Mount SSPAs

Teledyne Paradise Datacom offers a wide range of indoor, rack mountable Solid State Power Amplifiers in 3RU, 5RU and 7RU configurations.

Teledyne Paradise Datacom’s Indoor Rack Mount (R) series SSPAs achieve the highest power density in the industry along with enhanced maintainability. Local, front panel, control is available with a user friendly interface. Five fault condition LEDs on left side of the front panel reflect some of the SSPA major faults states, plus a summary fault indicator. The SSPA online LED turns green when the amplifier is in Online mode (1:1 Mode) or serves as an AC power indicator in standalone mode. Local/Remote and Mute/Unmute LEDs show the current control mode and mute state of the amplifier.

Refer the the datasheets listed at right for available power levels for each package.

Redundant and Phase Combined Systems
Teledyne Paradise Datacom's family of SSPAs is readily configurable into 1:1, 1:2 and phase combined systems.